Meet the world’s first disabled motorcycle race team as they set out to compete against able bodied riders on the very machine that disabled them. Talan Skeels-Piggins was paralysed in 2003 when a car side-swiped him and he ploughed his motorbike head-on into oncoming traffic. He was told he had just a 30 percent chance of survival and would never walk again if he lived. Today, Talan and a team of three additional disabled riders continue to strap themselves to motorbikes and race against able bodied competitors in one of the most dangerous sports on the planet. In a 90 minute documentary, DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE captures four unique and inspiring stories in a life-affirming message to never give up. The film follows the remarkable journey of the team Talan Racing as they embark on their first season together and make history as the world’s first disabled motorcycle race team.

Directors Statement

In the spring of 2014 whilst spectating at Brands Hatch race circuit, we overheard on the commentary tannoy that Talan Skeels-Piggins was about to take the start straight. This all sounded normal until we heard that he is paralysed from the chest down. At first we couldn’t believe our ears and questioned whether we had heard correctly. From that moment, we knew this was a story we needed to capture and share.

In Summer 2014 we produced a short documentary about Talan, THE LITTLE PERSON INSIDE. We discovered a story of courage, inspiration and believing in a dream that seemed so impossible. The film explored the willingness, desire and the belief to go after your dreams regardless of what has happened.

Directors Statement

When we learned of 2015 season plans to form an entire team of disabled riders, we felt compelled to continue following the story, this time in the form of our debut feature film. Whilst capturing the team’s progress we’ve discovered that everyone has been touched by Talan’s story. Yet each person (whether a mechanic or grid girl) has their own unique and inspiring story which binds the team together. Talan and the team have a bigger vision, to change perceptions and get other disabled and paralysed riders racing, changing motor- sport history. It’s an inspiring story that we’re humbled to have captured.

Tom & Ross | Speechless Films